Una verdad mundial

04 Sep 2012

Categories: politica

Este es un extracto de un dumping de datos de un ultimo hack realizado por la alianza Anonymous. Mientras lo leia, me parecio una realidad no solo norteamericana, sino local tambien, llevandome a la pregunta "Cuantos paises mas ('tercer-mundistas' como el Ecuador) viviran esta realidad?" Sera acaso una verdad mundial?

We exposed a criminal System eliminating those who think different; criminalizing them. This System won't tolerate those who dig for the truth, it can't. So no one has the right to question anything coming from this system. if you buy a piece of hardware or software you just need to use it as it was supposed to be used: anything else is forbidden. No tinkering allowed.

If you buy a Playstation, you are not allowed to use it as you want to -- you can only use it the Sony wants you to. If you have found a way to improve something, just shut up. You are not allowed to share this info with anyone else and let them make improvements too. We are not the real owners of anything anymore. We just borrow things from the System. Shiny, colorful things, we agree to play with for a fee. A fee for life. Because this system works only if you keep working to buy new things. Not important if they are good things, just buy new crap, even better like that. So everything gets outdated soon.

Your home, stuff, car and computer, you will pay for everything you have for all of your life. All the time: a monthly fee, forever until you die. That's the future; nothing is really yours. LAAS - Life As A Service. You will rent your life.

And better hurry up and work all day if you want to stay alive. Work 'til you're exhausted and don't think. No -- thinking is bad. Play games instead, do drugs too, why not? Or go to the movies. The Entertainment Industry is here to resolve all your philosophical and trascendental problems. Shiny colorful crap. But please don't think too much. Thinking is dangerous.

Accept the offer, it's the perfect deal. You get all those amazing shiny colorful beads. It will only cost you freedom...and your life.

F$ck the government, f$ck the system...

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